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We keep innovation and creativity at the heart of every project

We stay curious. We never stand still. We are always asking why, why not, and what if?
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When you choose us, you can be sure you’ve made the right decision because we’re result-driven, creative and go the extra mile to make sure you love our work. Our in-house production team will listen to your requirements, suggest suitable ideas and provide you with a video that will exceed your expectations. With the use of state-of-the-art technology, we focus on developing exceptional videos for businesses, corporate events, commercials and much more. For additional information, feel free to get in touch with us today.

We have a passion for narrative driven video production London and creative online commercials.

Bah media creative is an award-winning video production company in London with a pan global appeal. With passion for narrative-driven video content we specialise in a number of arenas including TV commercials, corporate videos, product videos, 360, VR videos, digital content and motion graphics work. With a strong history in broadcast media and an acute understanding of the changing face of the video landscape, Bah Media creative is in unique position to offer a full service video production in London and anywhere in the UK and abroad.


Once the concept has been refined and the brief created, we then move into production. Using our talented pool of production talent, we can create video content for any platform using the latest cinematic techniques, ensuring the perfect translation of the brief into the highest quality of branded video content.


At Bah Media Film Production, we understand that seeding the content is as critical as creating it. We understand that your media spend is paramount to you and the campaign reach is everything. This is why we have nurtured a keen understanding of this process and we are in a position to keep track of view data, posts, tweets and social mentions so you can see what’s working and can build on your brand success in the future.

Experience matters

At Bah Media Film Production, we’re home to a fully equipped production facility and have a wealth of experience in a wide range of formats. Our team has the skills and the expertise to deliver videos that are memorable and create unforgettable viewing experiences.

Choose us for:

  • Commercial media production
  • Post-production
  • Music videos
  • Feature films
  • Television production
  • Cinematic videographer

Conveniently located

We’ve gained an enviable reputation over the years and are recommended as a premium production company. Bah Media Film Production is conveniently located in Croydon.

Video Production

Increase sales, build your brand awareness and attract media attention with a professionally produced, cinema quality video.
Take your message and turn it into a jaw dropping video to get your business the attention it deserves.

Motion Graphics

Stand out with custom designed animation or graphics that are polished, professional and effective. Imagination is the only limit and when you work with Bah Media Film Production – our award winning team will guide you through every step and deliver an innovative animation that speaks to your audience

Event Videos

Be it product launch, graduation ceremony, or festival opening, event videos are the essential tool for documenting and creating buzz around your next event. As market leaders, we bring the UK’s foremost live production team and guarantee to raise your events online presence.

Training Videos

Humans learn best by watching and video empowers organisations to train their team, effectively and efficiently. Strike a balance with a training video that fosters your brand and promotes the skills of your work force.

Promotional Videos

Video production has the unique ability to capture the your essence, then deliver it to your customers at incredible speed and with ridiculously high consumer passion. Make content your customers will love.

Corporate Videos

Corporate video is the best marketing tool a company can possess.

One that has a very healthy ROI, promotes your organisation and creates new customers.

We’re specialists in film production and serve clients in Croydon, Surrey and anywhere else in the UK. For more details, call us on


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